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About Us

Hello, my name is Nick Romo the founder and creator of TrenchPlay Training and Big Boy Bash Hawai'i Lineman Competition. I look forward to meeting you and serving offensive and defensive linemen in our great community of Kona and the rest of The Big Island of Hawai'i.


I'm excited to work with those who love to serve our community and train up young athletes to become better faithful servants and leaders in our community.


Here are a few men that have impacted my life as a coach and have had the privilage serving and learning with.

Coach Thurmond Moore, who coached in the NCAA for several years as a Defensive Line Coach and NFL, currently Coach Moore is a FBU defensive line coach (DLU). I'm greateful for him taking the time to pour into my life about football and life. So thank you to Coach Moore. Check out his page CoachMoore@FBU (DLU) and read up on him.

Coach Bill Williams of FCPGA, has influenced me greatly and is a true mentor. He services, high school, college and pro coaches. A true football fanatic. Check out his website: @billwilliamsFCPGA

Coach Romo, TrenchPlay Training

Coach Romo as defensive coordinator at Calvary Chapel HS

Coach J.T. Niumata, Offensive Line Coach at Mt. San Antonio College (Mt. SAC) is a great friend and mentor. I love talking story with this guy. His knowledge of the game is second to none. Check out NūMovement Sports Training (Offensive and Defensive Linemen training)​ with Coach Niu (New).

Coach D.J. Jett, a former Defensive Coach at Orange Lutheran H.S. (State Champions), was my former Head Coach at Calvary Chapel H.S. He is one of my favorite men that has greatly poured into my life. Thank you Coach Jett!

Coach Danny Falkenstein, coach at Downey H.S. A great mind for the game and dear friend. Dave Perkins, Jeremy Osso, Al Dies, and Gary Cordray all contributing coaches in my life.

These men have influenced me greatly and I am truly grateful and appreciative of their mentoring of me.

I hold a Bachelors of Science (B.S.) in Exercise Sports Science (Kinesiology) and Master's in Education (Teaching/Coaching) and teaching credential in PE from Vanguard University of Southern California.

Coach Romo


I have been an Offensive and Defensive line coach for my entire coaching career. All my years I have dedicated myself to training up young linemen to become better men and contributors to our society. This is what I was taught, so that is what I teach.

Our linemen motto is everyone is Bigger, Faster, and Stronger. So we "Rely on, our Fundamentals and Technique."

The one thing that I've learned from coaching linemen, is that I can learn from them, and that I will never know

or have all the answers. I want to share the knowledge shared with me and allow other like minded coaches access to the

resources that our available today. It's what being a coach is all about. Getting better, growing and giving back.

I look forward to meeting you all.

            WARM-UP TRAINING


At TrenchPlay we utilize our experience and expertise in the use of dynamic warm ups to allow each athlete the proper preparation to compete at their best. Warm ups lower the risk of injury. Your muscles feel loose which allows you to perform at a higher level.

Dynamic warm up means slow, controlled movements rather than remaining still and holding a stretch.

Warming up activates muscles you will use during your workout. They may include simple movements like high knees, and butt kickers. For an example, a lunge with a twist is a dynamic stretching exercise that engages your hips, legs, and core muscles.

            OL/DL TRAINING


Lineman specific training is our focus. What does that mean? We start with the important Stance. You need to find one that best suits you and allows you to play with agility, balance, and power. Ultimately you need to be comfortable.

We break it down and build Good Muscle Memory! (Footwork, pass pro skills, and pass rush skills.)

Everyone is Bigger, Faster, and Stronger, so what do we rely on? Fundamentals & Techniques!

This is our Linemen motto: "Relying on Fundamentals and Technique."



The best way to perform is to give your body the proper amount of lean proteins, water, and carbs to energize you throughout your day!

Hydration is KEY! H2O...

Eating balanced foods, that allow your body to regenerate and heal.

Sleep/Rest is key to proper healing and growth.

Supplements are plenty available, but use with caution. Check with your physician that it's safe.

Here is a link of the NCAA promoting nutrition to football players (PDF)

Nutrition for the Football Student Athlete 

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